About Us

Like most small business's Dandylion started with a small idea and developed into a great, green vision that just didn’t go away… Once the seed was planted (excuse the pun), there was no option but to execute, build and realise our dream.

Dandylion started during spring 2012. As with all things growing, strong roots are the foundation of success. With 20 years experience in the gardening industry, Dandylion’s critical point of differentiation is growing & sourcing the best quality plants throughout South Africa, and THEN the real fun begins …

Dandylion’s passion is pairing our clients brand/vision/event with eco-wise, growing & living gift solutions. From seed to centre-piece, we customize sustainable gifts for corporate events, conferences & brand activations.

Dandylion’s range is purely botanical in nature, encompassing a wide range of flower, vegetable, herb and tree options. Gifts consist of seed, bulb and plant innovations from as small as a seed to as big as a tree; accommodating all budgets. Deliveries are done to all major centres in SA & care instructions accompany all orders.

Dandylion introduces ‘non-gardeners’ to the wonderful world of plants. Successfully growing or caring for a green gift, results in intense joy and satisfaction. The anticipation of waiting for seed to germinate or a bulb to bloom, far supercedes the instant gratification demanded by the modern world. Dandylion seeks to dirty your desk and bring a small piece of nature into the work environment!

Donvae Hooker

Donvae is the founder of Dandylion Green Business Solutions. Donvae is a qualified horticulturist with 20+ years experience in the retail seed, chemical, organics and fresh fruit sector.

Donvae is happiest when surrounded by plants. She’s inspired by gardening industry developments and passionate about keeping consumers informed of new trends and opportunities.

Donvae’ s expertise is her extensive plant knowledge and the ability to pair this with a brand, event, colour scheme or conference. The ‘world of plants’ is endless but seasonal, regional & logistical limitations are essential to successful for each green gift execution.