Grow your own … Edible Gardening

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May 22, 2017
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June 8, 2017

Edible gardening has been in the spotlight for years. This ‘growing trend’ is fast becoming well accepted, with more and more consumers looking to grow their own vegetable, herb and fruit produce

Swiss Chard is healthy, nutritious and delicious. A staple, easy-to-grow vegetable grown and enjoyed all over the globe.

Swiss Chard Bright Lights includes seeds of different colours including yellow, pinks, red and green. Bright Lights is a fun, easy-to-grow variety regularly recommended by Dandylion for use in corporate gifts and promotional DIY kits. Swiss Chard Bright Lights can successfully be germinated indoors and on office desks. Once germinated, plant growth will continue and thrive on a sunny windowsill, on patio’s and outdoors.


Healthy, nutritious and delicious, swiss chard is the ideal vegetable to inspire and trigger the ‘Grow-your-own’ passion… The simple action of planting your own seed, the satisfaction and pride experienced when you see the first leaves emerging can only lay solid foundations for visions of home-grown produce, billowing out of containers or neatly growing in rows on the vegetable garden.

The seed variety options to ‘Grow your own’ are extensive – but Swiss Chard Bright Lights, is certainly one of Dandylion’s favourites.

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