Pansies – Seedling of the month for June

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May 30, 2017
21st JUNE – Why TODAY is more than just ‘the shortest day of the year’
June 21, 2017

Pansies or as they are more aptly referred to in Afrikaans ‘Gesiggies’ (faces) are just the most wonderfully rewarding annuals and they THRIVE in this bitterly, cold wintery weather.

Pansies are the winter ‘go to’ option for colour, whether you’re looking for plants for the flower bed, containers, hanging baskets, window boxes, on patio’s and even indoors (but not for more than a week or 2!). Pansies offer vivid, bright colour, are easy to grow and seldom disappoint!

When it comes to colour – there are options in almost every shade of the colour wheel. Petal formations are exquisite and varied, with faces & without, frilly & flat, large & small, doubles and singles. It really is a matter of preference, opinion and colour co-ordinating within your garden.

Not only do pansies look good, but they grow good too…. In almost any location. Plant in full or semi sun positions and take care to plant in healthy, well-drained soil or good quality potting soil if planting into containers. Regular feeding will ensure blooms are more intense and last for longer. Pinch out dead flowers regularly to encourage and promote new flower formations.

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