Welcoming 2018 & Tieneke…

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December 6, 2017
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Welcoming 2018 & Tieneke…

2018 starts with exciting new developments as Tieneke Esterhuizen joins the Dandylion team

Tieneke’s expertise is event management & marketing. With 10 years corporate experience in marketing, events & project management, Tieneke adds dynamic energy & a critical eye to our green gifts and their flawless execution. We’re delighted to have her on board!

As a fellow plant and planet lover, we share a passion to enhance events with eco-friendly, sustainable gift alternatives.

January is a GREAT time to plan ahead. We’ve prioritised the next few weeks to touch bases with existing clients, do a quick intro and share our latest gift samples. Please pop us a mail should you want to jump the queue … Donvae@dandylion.co.za & Tieneke@dandylion.co.za

A reminder that www.dandylion.co.za is constantly updated and an easy, quick ‘go-to’ site for ‘out of the ordinary’ inspiration.

Grow with us … & Happy New Year!

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